Deploy Bot Service to Azure

In this section we will look how to deploy a Bot Service to Azure. if you haven’t gone through the article ‘How to create a Bot Service then please go through that first. I am using the same example that we have created Stock Bot in this section.

Deploy StockBot to Azure

To deploy your Bot, the first step is to create a Production endpoint in the .bot file.

Open the StockBot.Bot file and copy the highlighted development settings and paste to add an entry for production.


The updated file will look like the below.


To Publish, right click on the Project file and choose Publish option


This will open the below window. Click on Start button.


Now select the Publish target


  • Enter a unique AppName eg: StockBotAppService
  • Choose your Subscription
  • Create a Resource Group to keep all related resources of Stock Bot together. Eg: StockBotResourceGeoup
  • Choose a Hosting Plan with ‘S1’ later you can change if necessary

Next click on Create.


Now if you login to your Azure account you can see the stockbot resource group has been created.


If you expand the stockbotresourcegroup you can see the resources under it


Next, Publish your artifacts to the resources in the Azure. Click on Publish button


What’s next? Next we will see how to integrate the Stock Bot service to Web site and Skype.


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