Create Azure VM


Similar to the On-Premise Physical Server you can create a Dedicated Server in the Cloud Data Centre. The following article will help you to create a VM (Virtual Machine) Windows Server 2012 with SQL Server Express 2014  in Azure.

Login to Azure Portal, and Choose Virtual Machine and click Add as showed below:1000.png

The VM creation is a 5 Step Process and they are:


Step 1: Basics

In this Step you need to specify the basic requirements such as the VM Template, here I am choosing Windows Server with SQL Express VM image.


After choosing the Template you need to choose the Resource Manager. (Resource Manager is the collection of entities you create in Azure. Resource Manager will help you to Group your related resources of your Projects under one umbrella. Similarly you can manage different Resource Groups for your project requirements.


Next fill the details as showed below


Step 2: Size of VM

The next step is defining the size of VM.  5.png

The size you defined can be changed later too. Based on the size the billing will be reflected.

Step 4: Settings

In settings you can specify the Storage Account to store the VM template requirements.


Step 5: SQL Server Settings

In this step you can define the SQL server configurations. The Port can be default 1433 or any new one.


The connectivity defines from where you can connect the SQL server? This defines whether you can connect this SQL server from Outside DataCentre or only within VM or within private network.



After creating you can see the below screen in Azure


Once the VM creation is completed you can see the details in portal as mentioned below.


How to Remote Desktop to your VM?

Open the VM settings you can see a Button named connect. Click on Connect and give the RDP credentials for the VM.



Complete SQL Server Setup



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