Migrate Azure SQL DB to Native SQL Server

This article will help you to transfer your DB from Azure SQL Server to On-Premise SQL server.

Export Azure SQL Database

Connect to your Azure SQL from On-Premise SSMS


Choose menu Export Data-Tier Application from Tasks


You can see the below screen


Click on Next, and Save the ‘bacpac’ file to a convenient location.


Click Next to proceed and it will generate the bacpac file as showed below.


Click Finish and exit.


Import Azure SQL Database

Next step is to import the bacpac to Local SQL server.

Open SSMS and connect to your Local Server as below


After connecting choose Import Data-tier Application option



Click on Next and choose the ‘bacpac’ file you have created before. 10.png

Next it will show the .mdf and .ldf file locations. You can choose the convenient location from this option.


Click Next. this will restore the DB with data in your Local SQL server from Cloud.



Hope this article will help you to understand how you can move database from Azure to local SQL Server.

Happy Programming.


Technical Lead for Microsoft Technologies especially in Azure, ASP.Net and in Angular JS.

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